Sunday, January 24, 2016

Shoveling parking lot

We left and walked though about a foot of snow on the way to the bus terminal.  We got there and got a call that said we would start church at 1 because of the snow.  We went to Iksan anyway and walked though a bunch more snow to get to the church and then shoveled the parking lot for an hour and a half.  Our bishop and his wife showed up early because the planned to shovel and they brought some food with them so they shared with us.  Even though there was snow one investigator came to church and we had a lesson with him afterward.

My experience yesterday caused me to think more about sacrificing to go to church.  That was the most snow that I have had to walk through to get to church but the pioneers walked further.  One time for a young men activity we went snow shoeing.  That was hard but fun too.  Some times we think too much about the difficulties in a moment and not the greatness of the big picture.

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